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Manual Article Submission Service

Manual article submission is made easy and fast by our company knowing and understanding your need to be immediately accessed by potential consumers. The process we undergo is not at all a hard task since we have gone through critical analysis of submission requirements and procedure.

Article submission service can be done successfully through manual submission. High ranking article directories like GoArticles, EzineArticles and ArticleDashBoard award a high-acceptance rate to articles that are submitted manually and not automatically. This means, no software, no submission spamming!

Submitcube will never commit a mistake by putting your articles in the wrong category. High pageranked article directories expect to submit your articles manually in the right categories with sufficient and appropriate content. The popular article directories strictly oppose automatic submission for the simple reason that the latter fails to meet all the above mentioned requirements for the effectively submitted articles.

Questions on the submission process are briefly answered by the following step-by-step manual submission system:

  • A team of SEO professionals from Submitcube analyzes what articles to submit and where to submit them by hand to ensure acceptance by the directories.
  • Analysis goes on for the article making sure that each is written according to directory requirement. Otherwise, the articles will fall of the hub trash.
  • Submitcube creates an exclusive email account for use in the submission process identifiable with their client.
  • As articles are made ready for submission, the process begins by filling out forms and submitting articles to the right categories.
  • As emblem of credibility, screenshots are taken and provided to the client.
  • Image and email confirmations cap the process and a written account of the list of directories, email account details and screenshots are given the clients.

Manual submission of articles would never deviate from the set article directory guidelines which automated submission usually commit. When you peruse through the guidelines regarding article submission in most article directories, you will find that most, if not all, discourage the usage of automated submission. Automated submission of articles is against the article directory guidelines.

There is actually no general number of article categories. Consistency is not true to all directories such that some articles may be wasted as they could be placed in the wrong file. This means that every article submission hub has a standard number of categories on its own. With automated submission, articles tend to fall to the wrong category. Submitcube manual submission makes sure that all of your articles fall to the exact category where it should belong.

And since there is always a varied requirement of submission, there is also inconsistency in the forms to be filled out. Submitcube manual submission would make sure that each form is filled out accordingly with the required information. Furthermore, image identification by the directories is made possible manually.

Lastly, clicking on to verification links for confirmation can only be done through manual article submission.

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