September 8 , 2015

4 Steps for successful Twitter Marketing

Twitter, as I’m sure you realize, is among the most widely used social networks on the globe with more than 230 million active monthly users delivering 500 million Tweets each day. But simply according to those numbers there'd be no reason at all for a small company to set up on Twitter along with Facebook. In the end, Facebook has more than 3 times that many active people.

So just why use Twitter for the business? Well, first off, with Twitter, in contrast to Facebook, your posts can achieve all your fans. Every means all! There’s no Edgerank on Twitter, no decreasing organic reach, simply pure, 100% publicity.

There are lots of some other reasons to use Twitter too - it provides an “instant access” believe that Facebook doesn't provide, it may be very private, hashtags offer totally free amplification of content material, and much more.

Oh, of course, if that wasn’t sufficient, might I include that 72% of users are more inclined to spend money from the small or medium organization that they're following on Twitter (Twitter).

Clearly Twitter is a superb focal point in any small company, now let’s check out 4 steps as well as some strategies for how to promote your small business on Twitter.

Step 1: How to get started

1) Select an excellent Twitter handle

The first thing you must do is select a suitable, not difficult to memorize, as well as, most significantly, brand linked Twitter handle (your username, ex: @submitcube). The main reason you would like it to be brand linked, definitely, is really that individuals can simply find as well as recognize your business’ handle.

It’s entirely possible that brand name won’t be accessible, but don’t fret, you could select something related.

2) Build your profile look wonderful

Twitter’s brand new profile design, most particularly the header photo, allows brand’s to actually display their colors within their profile by showing a large, attractive image. Make sure to make use of this image to be able to market your business’ image.

twitter profile

Here's some other ideas of what you could utilize for the header graphic:

  • User produced content material. For instance, winning photos from photo contests might be used.
  • Pictures of the products.
  • Pictures associated with your brand’s individuality. For instance, a sporting goods business might have pictures of people playing sports in their header image.

In regards to your profile image, the very best apply is by using your own company’s logo.

3) Produce a killer (but detailed) bio

twitter profile bio

Your bio is where you are able to describe what you are while attempting to show a little bit of your character. You will need to be as detailed as possible inside 160 character limit.

Step 2: Construct your Twitter Neighborhood

1) Start following individuals and engaging using them

If you would like individuals to follow you, then you’re going to need to obtain the ball rolling following other folks first. Obviously I’m not suggesting to arbitrarily follow each individual you observe, you should prepare your followers.


  • Your clients
  • Buddies
  • Co-workers
  • Associated businesses
  • Influences within your field
  • Interesting as well as educational users

While you start following people, most of them will follow you back again, particularly if they may be your customers as well as recognize your own brand.

After you have started out following people, you need to build relationships with them as well. The entire reason for twitter is always to create significant relationships. That can’t be achieved if you’re not speaking. Plus, as you grow increasingly more active it is more probably that somebody will see your own tweets and wish to build relationships with your brand.

A different way to engage is via Favorites as well as Retweets.

2) Get started posting

Twitter is a superb location for you to definitely share quick, fairly sweet things. Almost any short position updates that you'd experience Facebook is ideal for Twitter.

  • Ask a query
  • Tweet regarding what’s happening together with your business
  • Mention a brand new product
  • Interact with individuals by answering additional people’s Tweets

3) Follow-back those who stick to you

Exactly like you want individuals to follow you whenever you follow them, the same holds true in the other direction. Following individuals back can have which you care about all of them, which help you to encourage personal contacts.

4) Advertise your own Twitter account

social account

Advertise for the Twitter account away from Twitter. Point out on Facebook that individuals should take a look at your Twitter user profile, ask your own mailing list to follow you, give a Twitter button aimed at your website, and extremely do what's necessary else you can imagine to promote your profile.

5) Generate Twitter lists

If you're having problems monitoring all of the different people who you follow there's a simple answer - create lists. Twitter offers you the choice to produce either private or public lists to be able to assist you to arrange your Twitter feed.

twitter list

There are several great purposes for Twitter lists:

  • Customer list - not every one of your followers are the customers
  • Influencer list - keep track of what your own influencers are generally saying
  • Competitor list - monitor your competitors

Step 3: Enhance your Engagement

1) Optimize the time of the Tweets

Timing is really fairly big on Twitter. Tweets are usually seen very right after they're tweeted. Since that’s the situation, if you wish to raise the engagement on the Tweets you need to know the perfect time to post.

tweet time

How can you tell what time, which is? Well the very first thing you could do this is to think about it logically. When do you consider it likely that the fans are going to be examining their Twitter feeds? Perhaps your target clients are businessmen, so they’ll apt to be checked at the start of the early morning, or after 6 during the night.

2) Utilize hashtags effectively

Hashtags are perfect for enhancing the publicity of your Tweets. A Tweet with no hashtag are only seen through your followers, while a Tweet using a hashtag is visible by anyone on Twitter. That’s right, anybody on Twitter that looks for the hashtag that you simply used will find your Tweet.

use of # tag

The issue you need to think about though is, which hashtag must I use within order to get to the many people and get the best amount of engagement?

3) Keep the Tweets short

Various research indicates that smaller Tweets often obtain more engagement compared to longer ones. Specifically, Tweets close to 100 characters possess a 17% higher wedding rate than Tweets from the full 140 characters.

4) Tweet pictures too

Individuals are always attracted to stuff that are visually interesting. That’s why you need to make sure to toss in some Tweets with images from time to time. Inescapable fact, Twitter users participates double the amount with Tweets by having an image compared to those without.

5) Tweet many times a day

The greater you Tweet the harder engagement you will notice. You ought to be Tweeting a minimum of 3 times a day - once each morning, once within the afternoon, and when later in the day.

Step 4: Enhance your Enterprise on Twitter

1) Produce a local community about your brand

The end goal of your Twitter user profile is to use a community of individuals following you that have comparable interests - AKA people who could be your clients.

You choose what sort of person this really is, but make sure your Tweets have been in line with stuff that you focus on the customer would really like. This way you may create a personal reference to people based on your brand.

People who feel individually linked to a brand usually purchase from that brand.

2) Produce an excellent ratio of self-promoting to non-self-promoting Tweets

It’s difficult to say exactly what the best ratio of self-promoting vs. non-self-promoting Tweets is. Some state 1:3 some state 1:10. There isn't any scientific fact here. The things that work for just one company might not work with another.

So what can be said is your followers, most likely don’t need to see only Tweets regarding your company. By taking you a step further, I'd say that many of your Tweets should most likely not be self-promotional.

3) Make it simple for individuals to discuss your content

The content you develop is important to your online marketing strategy. Clearly you'll be sharing the information on Twitter, however, you also need to allow it to be exceptionally simple for others to do so too. It’s the explains to you out of your fans which will really get the business observed.

social share

The very first thing you could do is to incorporate social share buttons in your blog, in your product pages, as well as basically on almost every other page of the website

4) Host competitions

Contests are always exciting and fun, and due to that, they're also ideal for increasing your name on Twitter. Some thoughts for contests include:

  • Photo contests
  • Best response to a query
  • Drawing
  • Follow, retweet, or favored to win

5) Perform top of your client service

A very important factor becomes familiar with quickly about Twitter would be that the same relationship that you simply enjoy together with your customers, your clients enjoy along with you. This means that should they have a complaint, often they'll voice it on Twitter. You need to be ready. You need to be listening constantly.

There are some methods for going about this. The very first thing that you can do, as numerous brands do, would be to set up a 2nd Twitter handle especially for customer support. A great way of both hooking up together with your customers by giving convenient help, and keeping issues from your main Twitter user profile.

This informative article organized for you personally an easy, four step tactic to take on Twitter. The purpose of this technique is to first set up your profile, next to begin to build your community, next to improve your influence, and lastly, to make use of that influence to improve your brand.

Adopt these measures and you’ll discover yourself to be en route to Twitter success.

Daniel Smith is the author writing here on Twitter marketing tips. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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