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Keyword research is an urgent initial step to getting your business discovered on the web. Without it, your site won't rank exceptionally on web crawlers and you'll battle to draw in new clients searching for your items and administrations.

We discover the keyword your clients are searching for and improve your site to assist individuals with discovering you.

How do we do keyword research?

We start by gathering multiple lists of the products and services you offer, including information about your target market e.g. location and demographics.

These lists are then merged together to form a long list of combined keywords which are then analyzed to reveal average monthly search volume, how relevant they are to your business, and how difficult they would be to rank for on Google Search.

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Key Features

  • We Provide best Keyword research
  • Proper selection of search volume and competition for main keywords
  • Proper selection of secondary keywords
  • Proper selection of LSI keywords
  • Manual research for best results
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Explore niche areas not yet discovered by your competitors
  • Find out more about your target market
  • Increase in traffic from search engines

SEO Keyword Research Packages

Sl Package Code Total Submission Duration(Days) No of Reports Price Order
1 SKRS2 0 2 1 $35.00 Buy Now
2 SKRS 0 2 1 $25.00 Buy Now
3 SKRS3 0 2 1 $45.00 Buy Now
Sl 1
Package Code SKRS2
Duration(Days) 2
No of Reports 1
Price $35.00
Buy Now
Sl 2
Package Code SKRS
Duration(Days) 2
No of Reports 1
Price $25.00
Buy Now
Sl 3
Package Code SKRS3
Duration(Days) 2
No of Reports 1
Price $45.00
Buy Now

Customer Testimonials

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Great Service!

Joshua Zitting

We have been doing work for over a calendar year with submitcube and they have been wonderful! Their costs are great and service is even better. They are very responsive to any demands which you have. Their products and services have already been excellent plus to increase your business.

Katie P

I have been using the guys at on and off for about 3 years now. Early on it was just for the odd job here and there, but more recently they have become an integral part of my business.

The work that they have done for me has directly affected my websites search engine rankings and helped me rank at the top for some extremely competitive search terms.

I have tested dozens of other SEO & Submission companies over the past few years, and I just keep coming back to because of their reliability and ongoing willingness to work with me to make sure we get the results I am looking for.

I am now on a monthly contract with, and am looking to further increase the amount of work I send their way over the coming months.

Brock Hamilton

Frequently Ask Question

Keyword research is the the process of discovering a list of words and phrases your target audience uses when discussing or exploring an idea or a topic that is relevant to your business and/or your website.

Keyword research is important for many reasons: Keyword research gives the marketer actionable data on how to build organic search visibility (i.e. increase the website rankings) and what topics to build content around. Keyword research helps us analyze and understand our competitors (what they are focusing on, which tactics seem to work best for them and how we can do better) Keyword research helps us improve our offering (by understanding what our potential customers are struggling with, what they like/dislike and how to serve them better)

SEO Keyword Research

A "Keyword" or what I like to term a "keyphrase" (in light of the fact that it comprises of a gathering of words, not only one) – are the words that somebody types into Google or other web crawlers to discover what they are searching for.

You can figure throughout the day what individuals are composing in however except if you do the examination you won't know precisely what the best careful expressions are so as to pull them in.

You need the ones that are the most well known yet not very broad – more focused to your careful items or administrations.

When we make sense of what those precise "center catchphrases" are, they ought to get added to different pieces of the site like the URL, the page title, meta portrayal, content, picture alt labels, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Remember that one can just utilize ONE center catchphrase for each page however you can have supporting watchwords that help further the "aim" and motivation behind this page and generally speaking site.

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