Coupon Distribution Service

Why Coupon Distribution ?

Discount coupon codes are the most certain methods to increase popularity for any service, product or brand. Discounts or special deals are usually sought out by shoppers. It's no secret that buyers prefer to receive a deal. And, coupons assist them to believe that way better than the usual sale. Remember, the most important goal of providing coupons is to encourage customers to try your services or products. Coupon submission provides you with the possibility to convince new shoppers to switch to your brand.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive Rates: Best Rate Guarantee

  • Get More Customer

  • Build Trust Among Your Customers

  • Create High Quality Backlink

  • Full report on submissions

  • 24 hours Support System


Key Features

  • - Information about the discount/offer distributed along with the coupon code to the top coupon distribution websites
  • - Complete profiles created at the top coupon sites
  • - We submit your site to directories with high PR rank. To view a full list of these directories, Click here
  • - We give full report on submissions. Click to see a sample report.
  • - All of your queries will be answered within 24 hours.

Coupon Distribution Service Packages

Sl Package Code Total Submission Duration(Days) No of Reports Price Order
1 SCCD50 50 5 1 $15.00
Sl 1
Package Code SCCD50
Total Submission 50
Duration(Days) 5
No of Reports 1
Price $15.00
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of coupon distribution?

    You get several benefits from coupon distribution.

    Coupon distribution helps you to get

    1) More customer

    2) More sale

    3) More online presence

    4) Build reputation of your products or service

  • Do you use quality sites to share my coupon code?

    Yes, we use quality sites like "Retailmenot", "couponit", "cheapseekers", couponchief" and many others. You get the best service from us.

  • Do you use any software to do the job?

    Absolutely no. We don't use any software, our team submit your coupon code manually.

  • What the report you send to us after submitting my coupon code?

    We send you all detail report in an excel sheet with Live URLs of the listing, sites list where we submit your coupon code, Username, Password, Email which we use to submit your coupon code.

  • Will you provide the best customer support?

    Yes, we will provide the very best customer support. You will be able to contact us by a number of ways like call, email, Skype or web chat. We provide 24X7 customer support to our clients all over the world.

Benifits of Coupon Distribution Service

For anyone who has been in business long enough, coupon distribution is not a new marketing strategy. What is new, however, is its new digital avatar. Very much like its older, retail personality, online coupon distribution is a sure way draw customers to your e-commerce website.

Coupon distribution services involve the submission of coupons to top online coupon sites, which are commonly frequented by discount-savvy shoppers. The coupon distribution system offers maximum exposure to your business, increasing sales dramatically and ensuring return business. We also advertise your campaign through Google alerts so that you get the highest target traffic to your website.

We take care of the registration and submission process to the online coupon sites, creating accounts for you on the relevant sites. In addition, we format the information and make sure your promotion coupons reach the best coupon sites such as retailmenot, couponit, dealigg and mycoupons so that you can make the most of this marketing strategy.

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