75 Social Bookmarking Submission to Popular Social Media Sites

Dedicated Social Bookmarking to 75 popular social media sites like digg, propeller and delicious using dedicated accounts created for you.

Project Duration: Get 75 effective bookmarkings done in most popular social media sites with fresh 75 user accounts created for you in just 5 working days.

Our benefits: The user accounts of each social media site and the bookmarking URL will be made available in the report.

A maximum of 5 different titles, descriptions and tags will be used to make the bookmarkings look unique.

Package Required Data

Title : What details are needed for social bookmarking?

- Title (Up to 60 Characters) you can give varied (5) titles
- URL to be submitted
- Description (Up to 250 Characters)
- Keywords or Tags (10)
- Category

Package Information

Service Code SCAS75
Service Total Submission 75
Service Days 5
Service Report 1

Order Information

Package Price Addon Price Total Price
$12.00 $0.00 $12.00
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Package Price $12.00
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Total Price $12.00
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Customer Testimonials

About a year ago a friend introduced me to submitcube.com. I told him I had tried many other SEO and submission services and couldn't seem to find one that actually does the job they say they will do or they say they will do it and end up taking 2 months to do a job that takes 30mins.

I trialled submitcube.com for one month and was surprised by the amount of work they did and the detailed daily report I received from them. The work they have done has helped my sites immensely in the search engine rankings on simple terms and extremely competitive terms also.

Needless to say I still use submitcube.com today and am currently on a monthly contract with them as I have been for the past 12 months, and I believe I will continue this relationship into the future. At the moment I am also looking at increasing the amount of work they do for me as I know their work will be thorough and the work each day will be completed.

David Patullo

Thank you and appreciate.


Awesome JOB!! Let Keep Going!

Joshua Zitting

submitcube.com definitely came through for us. We were originally spending money on Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC and barely making a profit. submitcube.com improved and optimized our site to obtain rankings. We now have top rankings on all our major keyword phrases, have discontinued all paid advertising and have massively improved our sales results and revenues.

Thank god we found you!

Todd James

Frequently Ask Question

The duration for the completion of the social bookmarking order depends on the service plan you have chosen. Please refer the package details for the timeline for each package.

Yes, our social bookmarking service has been fully updated and it is 100% compliant with Google Penguin and Google Panda update.

We will send you a detailed report at the completion of the service. The report will include the landing pages of your actual social bookmarks, which you can physically verify by clicking the links and visiting the respective social bookmarks.

Yes, all the links we obtain will be do follow links.

Yes, we always uses manual submission process. We have a dedicated submission team that will make all your social bookmarks manually.

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