September 28 , 2013

Google Hummingbird, All New Search Algorithm

Google has designed and developed its algorithm to better answer the long tail and complex queries of users all around the world.

As stated by Amit Singhal, Google’s Senior Vice President, The algorithm is an alteration of the Search algorithm “Caffeine” which was introduced earlier before years. The impact of the algorithm would be the major difference in the traffic flow, which affects 90% of the search queries worldwide. Two out of three queries in U.S and almost all the queries in Europe will be affected by this Algorithm launch, says Google. It is said that, the changes would result in a increase in price of Google ads as it is tied to search requests.

For more details visit some FAQ here.

As stated in Forbes,

“This update to the algorithm focuses more on ranking sites for better relevance by tapping further into the company’s Knowledge Graph, its encyclopedia of 570 million concepts and relationships among them, according to Amit Singhal, Google’s senior VP of search.”

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