June 9 , 2016

60 Keyword Research Tool That Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner

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The Google Keyword Planner tool has introduced several difficulties to entrepreneurs and marketers who aren't ready to pay for keyword info. Thankfully, you will find useful alternative keyword research tools which can be utilized to gather all data required. If you've been an avid user of the Google Keyword Tool within your SEO campaigns, then you're apt to be dissatisfied and annoyed as numerous other internet marketers and SEO specialists from around the globe. It was dependable, accurate, inexpensive, and finest of all, offered by Google itself, the greatest and the most widely used search engines these days.

Whenever it was substituted with the much less keyword-generous Google Keyword Planner few months ago, skillfully developed couldn't help, however speculate that Google is right now slowly pushing everybody to make more utilization of its pay-per-click (PPC) services via its large income-generating AdWords part.

Google, with the Google Keyword Planner, that is a tool that mixes most of the top features of the Keyword Tool as well as Traffic Estimator, causes it to be more difficult for marketers/advertisers as well as SEO specialists to make organic keyword search strategies. Google does this particular by denying keyword information. The tool is free of charge to use only one will be necessary to have an AdWords account, which needs billing and credit card info so that you can use it.

Why is it smart to Check out Alternate options of Google Keyword Research Tool?

Some skilled professionals think that the online marketing planet may 1 day arrive at a point whereby each and every keyword utilized in Search Engines, primarily Google is going to be paid in nature. Some websites have noticed a rise in their own keyword “not provided” results and also have also seen a loss of referring organic keywords.

Companies will be required to use much more meaningful, but additionally tougher methods. There are more search engines providing friendly however free or cheaper tools in comparison. The majority of the search engines today their very own keyword research tools which you can use along with third-party ones. Then it is very easy to cross verify keyword strength in Google. Marketers may also start more optimized campaigns during these search engines simply because they involve some important following too.

Regrettably, there isn't any fast and simple way across the challenges which Google has taken into the arena of SEO. The situation is previously here also it doesn’t appear that things will revert to the way they were in the past. A new pair of regulations and standards has been set. Marketers as well as advertisers don't have any other option but to regulate and adhere to those methods.

Even though Google Keyword Planner continues to be useful, SEO’s already have to turn to other resources to obtain more suggestions for keywords. Here are some tips on where you'll get keywords ideas beyond Google’s Keyword Planner:

60 Very best Keyword Research Tools that alternative to Google keyword planner for Obtain Keywords Suggestions

Free Tools

1. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is actually a tool that's been about for a while as well as integrates along with Majestic SEO’s API.

2. SEO Book Keyword List Generator

The SEO Book Keyword List Generator produces combos from phrases and words, a lot like Merge Words.

3. Merge Words

Merge Words are very simple tools that produces combos out of phrases or words that you get into the boxes. This is often a convenient tool for those who have some words in your mind to begin with.

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas Keyword Combination Tool

This tool mixes keywords which you select as well as shows you all combos. An additional tool that is much like Merge Words.

5. Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordstream has a couple of keyword tools that enable you to access their database well over a billion keywords. You are eligible a limited number of totally free searches to test the tool. Keyword information is aggregated from online service providers, web browser tools and search engines after which statistically reviewed, so Wordstream keeps their very own database.

6. Majestic SEO Keyword Checker

Majestic SEO features its own keyword checker which they say has never used Google’s data. This tool will disclose how often the keyword phrase came out in their own personal index.

7. Colibri.io

An SEO suite having a keyword research tool arranged launched in February 2014. The modified Colibri tool may crawl your website regarding keyword ideas as well as compare you to definitely your competitors.

8. Term Explorer

Term Explorer can provide you with up to thousand keywords along with exact match search volumes as well as demonstrated to you if exact match domains are for sale for purchase. Free trial offer version is restricted to 5 keyword searches each day. The paid version will assist you to do a lot more than 5 searches each day and obtain a lot more than 1,000 key phrases per search. You may also download final results as csv or even pdf.

9. Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is really a special tool that permits you to leverage friends or perhaps your own audience to generate keyword ideas. Simply make a question or even query, send the actual URL to your list, watching your keyword list expand because they add keywords towards the list. A terrific way to brainstorm using a lot of people and come up with key phrases those individuals will naturally look for.

10. KW Finder

This particular free tool shows search volume as well as CPC cost and a competition score both for PPC as well as SEO. Additionally, it shows Google trends chart together with sites presently ranking for that term together with social counts along with other useful information.

11. SEO Chat Keyword tool

If you are searching for a free option to the actual keyword suggestion tool scrapers on the market, after that check out SEO Chat’s Keyword tool. It receives keyword suggestions through Google, Bing, Amazon (great for industrial searches) and/or YouTube (enjoyment searches).

12. Soolve

It uses keyword suggestions from many places, such as Wikipedia, the various search engines, as well as Answers.com.

13. KeywordTool.io

It offers approximately 750 keyword ideas through Google free of charge. You may also pick from Google search engines from various nations. Additionally, you can look through YouTube, Bing and also the App Store and also export data.

14. Keyword Shitter

This keyword tool produces countless keyword suggestions quickly. After that you can copy and paste all of them into a document or even wherever else you would like.

15. SG Serpstat

SG Serpstat is actually a new free keyword research tool that gives questions through keywords, that you can use for content ideas. An additional nice function is that linked keywords are shown on the left side that you could click for more specific keywords and key phrases. You may also export the information, even though you will be needed to create an account.

16. Answer the Public

In addition to the normal keywords and key phrases, Answer the Public additionally creates a lot of queries from the keyword searches, which may be ideal for content marketers as well as bloggers. One distinctive feature is that it additionally displays the info both visually as well as alphabetically. You may also export the final results.

17. SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative

SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative is yet another keyword research tool. What We like relating to this tool is that it also discloses search volume as well as CPC cost, in contrast to a lot of keyword suggestion tools.

18. Web Seer

Web Seer is really a neat tool that permits you to evaluate two different search engine results visually. The thickness with the lines indicates the number of results show up for every search term.

19. Tag Crowd

Tag Crowd is a wonderful tool to visually view the most significant keywords utilized on a web page - a handy tool for quickly studying on page SEO of competition. You are able to copy and paste key phrases into the text box or just choose the Web Page URL field as well as enter the URL there. You may also save your tag cloud like a PDF or even print it out.

20. Open Site Explorer / Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool

Open Site Explorer is a well-liked SEO analysis tool and simply comes together with the Moz keyword difficulty tool, that discloses how challenging it is to rank for a specific keyword.

21. Bing Webmaster Toolbox

This tool draws out data through the search engine Bing. When you type in your key phrase or perhaps a phrase, you’re provided a list of various other keywords, in addition to a complicated little ‘trend’ graph. This is often rather complicated or can be very helpful if you possess the eyesight of the eagle. Keyword suggestions within this tool are presently restricted to the number 100. Hence, if you want a more hefty list of recommendations it is suggested that you use a different tool such as Ubersuggest.

22. BoostSuite

BoostSuite includes a keyword analysis tool, although not a keyword iteration tool, therefore it doesn’t recommend options to keywords you’ve entered. Once you add your keywords to BoostSuite, it'll evaluate them and simply rank them according to opportunity (low competition & med-high amount of searches) and quantity of conversions from search engines visitors for each and every. It will then assist you to assign these high-opportunity key phrases in your new as well as existing content to enhance it.

23. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is really a research and simply monitoring tool that Discover content which is mostly discussed on social media programs. You may get the most useful keyword suggestion as well as suggestion regarding content marketing through there.

24. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Gives you a variety of keyword suggestions, such as the top 10 and those that start with each letter of the alphabet.

25. Keyword.io

Keyword.io has lots of some other relevant recommendations (according to Google as well as YouTube's auto complete search/suggest function.

26. InstaKeywords

It is a totally free long tail keyword research tool to offer you hundreds of keyword suggestions along with useful keyword data, such as keyword's global and local search volume, amount of searches in the last month, Cost-per-click (CPC), etc.

Free & paid Tools

27. AHrefs Keywords Explorer

AHrefs re-launched their keyword research tool known as a Keywords Explorer around 2015. Simply type in a keyword and it'll provide associated keywords from its data source. Regarding ten keywords are supplied for free, however a paid account (starting at $79/month) is needed to see the full list of keywords.

28. Keyword Tool Dominator

It uses auto to suggest through Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon as well as Google Products. After that you can download the final results.

29. Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer features a free version which allows 3 keyword searches each day as well as a paid version which starts around $10/month. Asides through exposing plenty of long tail keywords, it figures keyword difficulty score as well as finds keywords which are easy to rank.

30. Web CEO

Web CEO is yet another paid keyword research tool. They didn’t specify exactly where they obtain keyword data from. There is a free version along with paid versions with additional features.

31. Keyword Discovery by Trellian

It gives you up to 50 totally free searches. Premium service begins at $69.95 each month and offers in-depth keyword research. Ideas are gathered from leading search engines.

32. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye enables you to analyze on-site content, keep track of competitors, as well as simplifies key phrase research. Pro version can be obtained for £9.99 each month.

33. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is usually a competitor research tool that gives your competitors keywords where they're ranked. The free version of the actual tool provides just a couple keywords, however the paid version offers a much more. Simply enter your own competitor’s website (or perhaps your own) to determine a list of keywords they're ranking for.

Paid Tools

34. SerpIQ

SerpIQ starting from $49/month and more, is much more than only a keyword research application. It was made to me much more of an all in one SEO tool and will find competitors through keywords as well as analyze their own keyword utilization.

35. Wordtracker

The Wordtracker keyword tool assists you to monitor high-performing keywords that are collected from customers who're prepared to buy. Costs start at $69 each month.

36. Grep Words

Grepwords (starting at $15/month) enables you to rule out terms, specify starting phrases, filter through CPC cost, filter through search volumes, along with other useful features so that you can easily discover the keywords you wish. It doesn't only give you use of a lot of key phrases, but it also enables you to use filter systems to narrow it down to what you would like to see.

37. Moz Keyword Tool

The Moz Keyword tool belongs to the Moz Pro package beginning at $99 / month.

38. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro utilizes Moz’s data and it is a competitor to promote Samurai. It is one other popular keyword research tool. It starting at $97

39. Positionly

Positionly is a multi functional SEO suite, which is created for the non-technical website consumer and features a keyword research tool. Beginning at $19/month

40. Jaaxy

Jaaxy, which starting from $19 / month and up, and also a free trial version limited to 30 searches has been available since all around 2011 and based on the Jaaxy blog, it receives its search volume through analyzing data of all search engines and utilizing their algorithm to find out volume numbers which are much better the actual volume. Additionally, it has a few competitive analysis options along with a brainstorming tool to come up with brand new ideas.

41. Keyword Canine

Keyword Canine is actually a tool that gives competitive analysis with every keyword starting from $47/month or $297. Phrases which are simpler to rank for being notable by using a green color and challenging phrase are red, helping you to focus on low competition, high volume key phrases. May has also analyzed competitor backlinks and possesses additional features. There is a site boost feature too in which they promote your content for you personally, although not clear how which include works.

42. SE Cockpit

SE Cockpit by Swiss Made Marketing starting from $97/month and up creates a lot of phrases in a not much time from only one keyword entry. Information is collected through Google relevant searches, Adwords, as well as Google Recommendations. Other data offered includes approximated Adsense revenue, competitor Adwords data as well as traffic volume quotes.

43. The Last Keyword Tool by Themezoom

The Last Keyword Tool starting at $69/month has several beneficial features, such as the capability to import as well as export your personal keywords, capability to evaluate worldwide markets, keyword search volume, and make your personal custom columns as well as filters. They're also focusing on a popular feature.

44. SERPWoo Keyword Finder

SERPWoo starting from $25/month is a rank tracker as well as a reputation management resource which includes a market and keyword research tool known as the Keyword Finder. The Keyword Finder recognizes the very best 10 competitors ranking for the keyword phrase as well as extracts other long tail keywords through the pages which are presently ranked. The video on their own landing page was made in February 2015 as well as explaining a few of the features.

45. Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher gathers data through multiple resources. Additionally, it offers niche suggestions. Lifetime license charges $47.

What can make it much better than Ubersuggest is it goes much deeper by trying out additional combinations. This tool includes a onetime cost regarding lifetime access, but could provide a lot of keywords.

46. Keyword Studio

Cost: Starting at $79 / month

Keyword Studio is really a new tool that attracts keyword data through multiple resources directly into one place and helps you solve the problem of merging data right into a spreadsheet as well as eliminating duplicates. Can also include volume, CPC, search positions as well as competition scores.

47. HQ Suggest

HQ Suggest which cost $9 is a desktop tool which efforts to offer keyword data through 3 main strategies:

1) Keyword suggestions through 9 search engines which include Amazon, Answer.com, Wild, Ask, Bing.com, Google, Ebay, Yahoo and also YouTube.

2) “Question associated searches” made to make the most of Google’s Hummingbird update.

3) “How to” queries - Arises with a lot of how to subjects which you can use to produce content.

48. Can I Rank

Can I Rank which provides Free Trial, Price is not revealed on their own website is really a keyword as well as a competitive study tool which has a Keyword ROI score that they say is better than some other keyword difficulty steps that some other tools offer. Imports information from several tools such as Moz as well as SEM Rush.

49. Fresh key

Fresh key is a niche concept generator. It offers the Amazon Keyword Phrase Data regarding Niche Sales also it can also be utilized for industrial keyword research. Lifetime license charges $20.

Competitor analysis tool for keyword search

50. Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is a tool that allows you to take a look at competitors' organic, paid research as well as affiliate keywords. Costs start at $89.95 monthly.

51. Ispionage

An additional competitive analysis tool that may be used for keyword research.

52. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO spider can easily crawl websites and find out what keywords are used within the title tag as well as meta fields. Even though this tool was designed to identify technical matters on your own website, it can also be utilized for competitive keyword research.

53. Spy Fu

Spy Fu is actually a niche concept generator. It offers the Amazon Keyword Phrase Data intended for Niche Sales it can also be utilized for business keyword research. Lifetime license at only $20.

54. Similar Web

Similar Web features a tool that may provide competitive analysis on your competitors and in addition it offers a list of a few of the keywords they are positioned for. Just go into the URL and click on the “Search Website” button.

Software for Keyword Research

55. Keyword Researcher Pro

Keyword researcher pro(provide free trial and cost at $97) is a just once cost paid tool that utilizes Google auto-complete to create long tail keyword suggestions. You may also write content within it. This software includes a free trial and you will find several video lessons, screenshots as well as tutorials on their own page.

56. Good Keywords

Good Keywords is really a desktop software which discovers keywords. The home page states that it utilizes Google Keyword Tool although, so not sure if it’s updated.

57. Places Scout

If you're performing local SEO, after that take a look at Places Scout. It features a keyword generator which will keyword suggestions from many search engines, may import Adwords data, and may even recommend exact match domain names together with your keywords in it. This tool is focused to locating keywords for local, check it out if you're carrying out local SEO.

58. Keyword XP

Keyword XP (one time cost $37) is really a tool providing you with keyword suggestions as well as questions that folks ask. Additionally, it has trend analysis which shows which keywords are usually increasing in popularity with time and local keywords.

59. Keyword Bee

Keyword Bee is really a free tool that you could download. It may crawl website URL’s as well as suggest brand new keywords. Take a look at their 2 minute video on their own site.

60. Market Samurai

Market Samurai was a vintage preferred desktop tool for a lot of SEO’s whenever it found keyword research. The brand new version of Market Samurai utilizes exact match research with Keyword Planner therefore it may not be an alternate but rather a tool which makes utilizing Keyword Planner far more convenient.


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