November 4 , 2019

Attorney SEO Options Now Open for You

Attorney SEO

SEO positioning should occupy a priority place in the strategy of attracting clients for any law firm. And it should be that way because SEO positioning is the most profitable and sustainable recruitment channel in the medium and long term to which a lawyer can turn.

If you think experts can help you, you can contact attorney SEO professionals without obligation.

Why is SEO for lawyers the most profitable channel?

You may be wondering the reason for the roundness with which it is been affirmed that SEO positioning is the most profitable client acquisition channel available to a law firm. It has its explanation.

Of these entire channels, SEO positioning happens to be the most gainful because it is the only channel that can provide clients to your office for free.

With SEO the results are not immediate

While SEO positioning is the most profitable channel in the medium and long term for any law firm, it is no less true that it will not help you generate remarkable results in the short term.

If you want to attract customers urgently, then you must prioritize other more short-term acquisition channels such as Google Adwords or customer acquisition platforms (you can find more information about platforms here).

This does not imply that if you are looking to attract customers in the very short term you should completely discard SEO positioning. Not at all. You will simply have to give it a lower priority, but you should work it equally since with SEO you will be investing in the future of your office.

Find a true SEO specialist for lawyers

The world is full of self-proclaimed SEO positioning experts. In fact, if you have a web page it is very possible that you have received proposals to improve the positioning with some frequency.

Unfortunately, many of these attorney SEO experts are not such and take advantage of the ignorance that usually exists around this matter to bill for services that provide a very doubtful or nonexistent return on investment.

Therefore, it is important that you know who is a real expert and who is selling smoke. I am going to give you a series of tips to help you choose the right attorney SEO professional.

First, make sure he is a true expert. To do this you should analyze its website to see if it really looks like the website of a true attorney SEO specialist. If you do not have a website or if it looks very careless or unprofessional, then a red light should come on.

Second and most important, ask for references. If he really is a good professional, he must be able to provide you with references from previous clients with whom you can talk to confirm (or not) his professionalism and results.

Steps to get a good SEO positioning for lawyers

From time to time, Google's positioning algorithms, and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.), undergo changes and growths of improving their results. Therefore, the solutions that work today do not have to be equally effective in the future.

In addition, with each new version of these algorithms new factors are included and the weight that each of them has on the final result is modified. Among other things, this means that no attorney SEO expert knows the complete formula, based on the attorney SEO specialists in their previous experiences and the knowledge and training they have acquired.

Step 1: Set up your office properly in Google My Business

This is a key factor that many offices mistakenly overlook. And its importance is capital to get a better SEO positioning for lawyers.

Step 2: Get ratings and opinions about your law firm

Google’s priority as a search engine is to provide users with the most appropriate search results. That is, its mission is to resolve in the best possible way the query that the user has made.

When a user searches on Google for anything related to the reservation or hiring of a attorney SEO service, Google will personalize the results to provide the most relevant to the user.

There are many factors that come into play when Google decides or not to show your office, one of them is, for example, the geographical proximity to the user.

Step 3: Optimize the website of your law firm

The most important purpose of the SEO positioning policy for attorney SEO lawyers happens to be of getting visits to the firm's website. And then that the rate of conversion of the visitors into customers of the office is as high as possible.

And to meet both objectives, no website is worth it. Your office needs a web page that maximizes the options that both Google and your potential customers like.

This is a topic that goes a long way but can be synthesized in several essential points. First, it must meet minimum technical standards. If you want to know more about the subject, it is recommended in online article evidence that every attorney SEO lawyer should do on his website, although it is summarized the most important thing over the internet.

Step 4: Don't forget Google Maps!

When we talk about attorney SEO lawyers, normally everyone thinks directly about getting good positioning for the website. And this is true, but only halfway.

Getting a good positioning on Google Maps is also part of the SEO strategy for lawyers, so we cannot ignore it in this guide.

Step 5: Set of connections of Google Search comfort properly

This step happens to be fairly technical, but it cannot be ignored it because it is very important. Although you probably won't be able to do it straight, you must be sure that the person who develops or maintains the website does it correctly.

Google Search Console used to be an online tool which Google happens to make available to administrators/owners of web pages to manage different issues related to the relationship between your website and Google, many of which they affect SEO.

Step 6: The importance of choosing and working the keywords correctly

Positioning in general and in SEO for attorney SEO lawyers in particular, the keywords or keywords happen to be a formative aspect of improving your situation in the search engine Google. You can call it keywords to those doubts that a client will most likely enter in the search he does.

It is essential that you understand what are the keywords for which you want your law firm to be found. If you want to capture organic traffic to increase your client portfolio, you have to understand that your website must have corresponding content and refer to the services you provide and where you provide them. That is, your website makes it clear what you do and where you do it.

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