February 4 , 2017

SEO best practices - What to Do to Get Top Result

SEO best practices

Just like anything else, alter is nature. Almost always, lots of things can change - but particular stuff (e.g. focus on quality, requirement for links, etc.) will stay exactly the same. Let’s proceed through a few expectations as well as surprises which 2017 SEO might provide online experts, business people, and users around the globe.

Greater than a new beginning, it’s also the ideal time to reflect as well as evaluate that which you have done the previous year. Have you achieved your objectives? Have you require a leap of faith? Have you learned anything useful? Have you left an indication?

Not everybody makes promises around their own business. In case you haven’t done this previously, perhaps it’s time you probably did. Consider them as bright goals, just waiting to become fulfilled. This 2017, let these SEO best practices create a more effective venture.

SEO trends in 2017 is a lot more technical than in the past. The SEO industry has arrived at an era exactly where, the true identity and need for SEO services has begun to become spelt out.

Internet search engine algorithms now tend to be more sophisticated and may see via spam more proficiently. So, if you're trying to manipulate the search results utilizing old black hat methods, then you need to quit the SEO business instantly.

What to anticipate - The SEO best practices

Google Search Console evaluation

Google Search Console is usually neglected, however, it may be one of the best resources for determining quick wins. Dealing with Search Console’s navigation throughout, I'd search for any errors or even warnings. The primary areas to analyze include:

  • Structured data. Make sure there aren't any errors in your markup.
  • HTML changes. Revising repetitive or extended meta descriptions and page titles is definitely an easy method of growing CTR for the existing rankings, particularly if you always work with your paid search counterparts to recognize their top-performing advert copy.
  • Mobile functionality. Mobile traffic right now represents a substantial number of website traffic, if not the majority for a lot of sites. As a result, making certain your websites have an optimum mobile expert should be a high priority.
  • Blocked sources. Develop a quick check to make sure that any resources the search engines really need to render your website are not being blocked.
  • Crawl mistakes. Identify as well as resolve any kind of 404 or even soft 404 errors to make sure a powerful user experience and also to redirect any link authority directed to unnecessary URLs.

While the above isn't an extensive site audit, it offers an active set of easy-to-implement, fast wins (when presented with the right business case reason).

Mobile gets priority.

If 2016 gave on focus mobile-friendly factors as well as optimizing for transportable devices, 2017 can make it a priority. Using the rise in mobile purchases and also usage, Google along with other online experts foresee the next where on-the-go gadgets would turn into a must-have. Thus, mobile-friendliness won’t simply be an ‘add-on’: it will likely be THE priority.

Even so, don’t discount desktop as well as laptops at this time! Particularly if you’re an e-commerce website, it’s vital that you have a presence in most devices so they won't ignore potential areas.

Focus on Modern Web Apps (PWA), that are generally websites which act and seem like apps. What this means is they’re more reliable (immediate access despite low to no online connectivity), faster, and much more engaging. Using this technology, users in 2017 expects a smoother, more responsive knowledge about web surfing. So invest in this information today!

AMP Compliance as well as Mobile Friendly:

AMP is definitely an open source initiative through Google released in October 2015. After working around the AMP Project as well as indexing AMP, Google has begun showing AMP in search results since Sept 2016.

Faster Mobile Pages (AMP) are lightweight web pages made to load quickly on cellular devices. AMP-compliant pages make use of a subset of HTML with some extensions. AMP increases the user experience by reducing the web page load time by exhibiting the lighter form of the web page. If in case the web site is not AMP complaint, then using a responsive website is essential because mobile-friendliness is really a ranking factor.

There are many numbers of cellular devices compared to the number of individuals on the planet. Google soon will have a separate index for mobile which is a primary one. In case your website is not mobile-friendly or even responsive and it is neither AMP complied after that having a good mobile search position is simply not possible.

Expose something totally new.

A new year indicates new start. You don’t need to revamp everything regarding your brand or even services, however, it could be nice to show your customers and audiences along with something fresh.

If you wished to try brand new strategies in 2016, 2017 may be the time to do them. Brainstorm together with your creative department. Perhaps your logo can use an alternative touch to higher reflect your company’s vision? Maybe you need to expose integration in between teams for much better output?

Anything, it doesn’t have to be big to produce an effect. There are lots of methods to inspire change without necessarily altering the system. Employ an in-house marketing and advertising expert, re-design the newsletter, accelerate your site, launch a web seminar, etc. You need to get people in the best mood so that you get various, but much better results.

More concentrate on the image as well as video.

I think there's two main drivers for that renewed desire for image as well as video optimization:

The young people (Gen Z, aged 14 to 17) are much more visual-oriented. As they say, youngsters are the future. It won’t be long before all these kids get a job and turn into direct consumers on their own.

As the change moves in the direction of VR, images - or even immersive environments - get to be the norm. Actually, today’s most widely used platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, as well as Snapchat all concentrate on images as well as video.

In December, Google launched an update that permitted schema rich snippets to look when you click a photo that's product-related. Which means that search engines are just improving with recognizing as well as categorizing images. Simply take a glance at Google’s reverse image search to become impressed at just how far this tool moved. So count on seeing more updates and/or future features for pics and videos soon.


RankBrain by Google, the particular machine-learning, artificial intelligence system is an application that is built-into the algorithm to mathematically link phrases and words. RankBrain utilizes artificial intelligence to embed huge amounts of written language directly into mathematical entities - known as vectors - that this computer can realize.

Whenever a search occurs on Google, the search query right now gets utilized by the RankBrain program/software to provide more relevant search engine results. Particularly if the query is an uncommon one.

Start by making the query available for software (RankBrain), the program will basically become capable of realizing knowledge, consider knowledge via mathematical computations utilizing word as well as phrase vectors, and make new knowledge. Quite simply, the software is able to become more intelligent - much less intelligent as humans , however, perhaps more intelligent compared to say, the word to word mapping is these days. Specifically for rare queries which require to be understood to provide results.

For quality search engine results, Google really wants to get off, word to word mapping as well as reach a level of, knowing the meaning behind the search query. Methods today are becoming tuned to know the intent from the user and display results which is more useful for the consumer to consider decisions or can give him more in depth details about the topic he's searching.

Imaginative native/earned advertising and marketing.

2016 saw a lot of high-quality content, through videos, infographics, to active articles. But what lots of people didn’t realize is the fact that those emotionally-driven videos as well as thought-provoking pictures were actually, paid advertisements. However, because they were so imaginatively created as well as marketed, individuals didn’t mind in any way that they are sponsored content.

Generally, this content was useful, immersive, as well as highlighted a subject of great interest. In 2017, anticipate seeing such an example marketing strategy through brands and small businesses alike. Besides this being the type of content much more engaging, it’s a great investment to create your online authority as well as audience devotion.

High quality Content:

Everyone has heard since very long that, Content is “King”. Content continuously reigns supreme. As, without having quality content, no online presence can serve any kind of purpose. Only if the content is unique, useful, engaging, it answers the consumer queries as well as is in the appropriate format, the users will be thinking about reading or even viewing it. SEO efforts are only able to help in enhancing the search presence of the content. However, if the bounce rates are high and also the content doesn't serve the purpose of the user then your bots will also be going to push the content during the search results.

Social Media Outreach & Engagement.

Social Media is really a platform that is not going away soon. The social networking sites may gain or even lose preference, however people surely look into the social media accounts to obtain an idea about the organization approach towards its clients.

Search as well as Social integration will simply become stronger each day and search algorithms may also be wise to filter social spam. Social Media systems are also focusing on making their own search functionality more powerful. Hence, when the user would go to search after which reaches the social media accounts for more information or the user would go to social media accounts and also the uses its search/search engines for more information isn't imperative. But, using a social media presence is essential for putting your very best foot forward as well as your voice heard.


It’s been 2 yrs since Google started its active campaign for Web security as well as announced HTTP to become a ranking factor.

‘Trust’ will be the icing from the multi layer semantic cake as well as signature and encryption because the two main structures. Ensuring to safeguard the user can increase the risk for website trust worthy for that user.

Secure sites produce a better CTR and users feel well informed in sharing private data. ECommerce websites with payment gateways can't ignore the significance of using a secure site.

Security is a main concern for Google. Google also provides a ranking boost to HTTPS/SSL sites, offered the site has high quality content. The safety of a website influences the particular trust factor. However, moving from HTTP to HTTPS includes a series of SEO repercussions which require to be considered.

Just like white light consists of a variety of colors, white hat SEO in 2017 would be the result of the correct implementation of the aforementioned factors.

SEO services have become a niche and therefore are obtaining a definite meaning as well as form eventually. Lastly, the much-awaited era for real SEO is within the offing.

Don’t ignore data.

Here’s the one thing: apps and SEO tools are usually nice to tinker with. They’re brand new, have cool functions, and it’s amazing to create reviews regarding the subject while they’re still fresh available on the market.

The issue is, jumping in one to another won’t provide you with much room to become thoroughly acquainted with them. When gathering as well as analyzing data, it is advisable to stick to 1 or 2 that actually suits your company requirements.

For instance: if you’re a small local company, try one analytics and something social media administration tool. Be hands-on not less than 6 months. Obtain reports, try their premium, and make the most of their base of knowledge and customer care.

Know your details tools such as the back of your hand. In the end, numbers can't lie. In 2017, with fiercer competition, it's smart to know how you got to where you stand.


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