January 13 , 2018

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 - What to Look For

social media marketing trends

Can anybody imagine a world without social media? Only a handful of years back this didn't exist. Nobody was in danger to be run over because they crossed the street hunched more than their smartphones. Nobody was spending their downtime scouring Facebook, Instagram as well as Snapchat feed for the most recent news from buddies, celebrities as well as businesses. And brands did not have a suite of effective channels for engagement as well as amplification of the products, services and messages. However, that was then.

Now, we are all glued to our social channels and brands are receiving smarter and smarter at targeting content and also messages to drive us to do this. So what is next? What have the different players got in store for all of us? Here's my look forward to 2018 and just what to keep watch for.

In 2018, there is probably going to be a shift back to the fundamentals.

Marketers are going to have to try to prove the ROI of existing techniques. This implies metric measurements could be more important than ever before as brands try and identify exactly what strategies will work and what isn’t. Check here the social media statistics.

Okay, so there are the problems. Exactly what do you do to beat them? On top of the top social media marketing trends for 2018…

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018

1) Facebook Stories

The final few years, all we've learned about is the fact that attention spans are becoming shorter as well as shorter. So as marketers, we have been trying to say more with less, and that has been no bad thing overall. But that is about to change. Video is attaining maturity as a marketing choice. As series such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have demonstrated, we like episodic content as well as binge watching great content. Therefore, I think we'll see a lot more video marketing content created in a long - form format in 2018, triumphing more than 30 second clips. The Facebook video streaming will be at the front of this.

The Facebook Watch will reward content makers that produce excellent series. Content could be live or even pre-recorded, which provides a huge amount of scope. Brands can build huge communities via Facebook Watch, it will be really fascinating to view its progress. Also keep in mind that the watch will likely begin to contend with Netflix as well as Amazon when it comes to broadcasting original TV shows and film content too. Fascinating times.

Additionally, there are been a surge of activity with Facebook Reside at 2017, and also this shows no symbol of slowing up in 2018. The format continuously develops, and I think we'll soon be employed in seeing live 360 videos as well as multi-source streams.

I believe we'll see Facebook Live pictures become readily available for more devices than simply iPhone. If you haven't seen this in action, it's very cool. iPhone live photos are in fact made up of two files, one is a picture, the other a movie file. These may be split and edited prior to being rearranged as well as uploading to Facebook to make hidden movies that just play once the user presses the picture viewed on Facebook utilizing an iPhone. In rejuvenating my business's website lately we gave this a try included in our promotional push, to excellent effect.

2) Instagram Tales

Yes, yes, the snapshot was initially to let users share short videos which delete after Twenty four hours, but it worked! It worked wonderfully Facebook chose to take a whack at it each on Instagram as well as in the app which bears its name.

Using its huge audience, it will come as no real surprise that within the 1st year of the Instagram story debut, it has exceeded Snapchat’s view count along with 20 million viewers each day. At this same rate, nearly half of most Instagram users are going to be using Stories by the end of 2018.

This implies brands attempting to interact with their clients on Instagram will need to take the time to get on board together with stories. Regardless of B2B or B2C, they're a terrific way to showcase your organization culture or even put your procedures on display.

The stories are fun to utilize and also to view, enabling you to add filters, tags, as well as text. One of the greatest brand advantages of Instagram stories is they are discoverable, which means that Instagram users can easily see your stories even if they aren't your followers.

Additionally, much like with every other post around the platform, you are able to hashtag related keywords to assist users find you much easier. These types of tags are clickable, so brands can dive to their niche markets as well as target more efficiently than ever. Brands will be trying new methods to engage with their story readers by taking polls and asking them questions with their posts. You can even tag your region.

Now it’s certainly a long shot for many, but any kind of account with 10,000 followers or even more can also add links to their stories, that is a huge advantage thinking about Instagram doesn’t permit links in posts or else.

3) Generation Z to determine Social Media Trends

We’ve pointed out Generation Z in both from the previous topics for a good reason.

RetailDive had this to say of Generation Z as well as their linked social media trends:

“Gen Z is two- to three times more prone to be affected by social media than by sales or even discounts - the only real generation to value social media over price with regards to making buy decisions…”

Furthermore, 81% report viewing at least one hour of online video each day, or even more, based on a study by Fluent, included in AdWeek. Combine this information and understands that droves of Generation Z will move to college and/or start careers in the coming year, and you understand the powder keg.

4) Influencer Marketing Trends to make Major Efforts to Social Media Engagement

Recently, the fastest, as well as an easiest public relations tactic, was getting a celebrity to recommend or even promote your brand or even a product, but that come with a hefty price tag (and today Kyrie Irving is joining the actual flat-eaters).

Nowadays, a far more reasonable option would be social media influencers (or even micro-influencers), who're celebrities in their own sectors.

Micro-influencers might have an amazing amount of reach, generally with followings within the thousands and thousands or millions. Brands are transferring towards paying these types of influencers to market their particular products simply because they provide 11 times the ROI when compared with standard digital marketing, as well as 49% of individuals claim that they rely on influencers for his or her purchase choices.

This isn't only a trend, however a billion-dollar emerging business. A number of these influencers disappear along with six-figure earnings, all from promoting brands for their massive followings. Take Ryan Toys Review for instance. Ryan is definitely an amazing 6-year-old who's estimated by Forbes to possess made $11 million this season via his YouTube channel. Ryan opens toys, plays together and then offers his views. With Ten million subscribers, he's leading the charge for that social influencer industry for 2018.

Over 90% of online marketers who utilize an influencer marketing plan believe that it is successful. In 2017, brands had trouble to connect with their viewers with traditional advertising techniques, so expect influencers to consider off even more than they have.

5) Augmented & Virtual Truth

While augmented reality’s initial effect is going to be on mobile gaming, it's likely that social media platforms will discover different options to incorporate the brand new technology too.

The snapshot is already on board, teaming track of Bitmoji to permit users to project animated variations of themselves into the real life doing plenty of random things. Not to mention Pokemon GO, that has let players catch the much loved pocket monsters within their real surroundings for a few years now.

Perhaps the new iPhone 8, as well as Google’s Pixel 2, has integrated enhanced reality along with talking emojis amongst other activities.

Leaving the novelty of it all, the potential for augmented reality for brands is enormous. Companies should be able to showcase their products in completely new methods to clients, such as seeing the way a bit of clothing looks at it or how a certain chair would easily fit in their family room.

Applying AR to your marketing efforts, may take some substantial time and budget, but we predict a far more manageable strategy to AR customization to come out this season through social media.

When it comes to Virtual Reality, most systems have a minimum of another year of development prior to they hit mainstream marketplaces.

There's some wish for 2018, however.

Facebook, for instance, has been working on a project known as Spaces which is made to allow friends to get in touch in VR. Since Facebook is the owner of Oculus, a VR headset retailer as well as software company, it’s no real surprise that they're making this jump as well as it’s an exciting move for online marketers.

Facebook really wants to release Spaces in 2018 so when they do, it is usually going to be the very first VR social media expertise. While still a ways off, internet marketers should begin strategizing for this groundbreaking chance.

6) Messaging Tools Make Companies Obtainable

This can be a department exactly where overseas is leagues in front of the United States.

What do you understand WeChat? They’re a wee very little Chinese messaging company . . . errr, one that’s seeking to cross 1 billion customers this quarter. WeChat as well as WhatsApp are completely ubiquitous across either ocean, reaching across a variety of functions to dominate social media, direct messaging, as well as purchasing and also commerce.

There’s an easy reason this is likely to catch on in the US: It’s great for business. Each year increasingly more buyers are Millennials and Gen Z, and fewer are older. Just in case you’re unaware of these people’s mind-boggling preferences with regards to talking to a business, we’ll illustrate within their native language.

7) Online Hangouts get to be the Norm

Online hangouts would be the ideal harmony between your live streaming trends and also Gen Z. Houseparty, for instance, is a free app where one can live video chat with multiple individuals who saw rapid growth this past year and is beginning to turn heads.

Due to this, yes, you guessed it, Facebook is apparently investigating methods to produce a similar functionality of their live streaming platform.

8) Live Streaming is on its way

Live streaming isn’t regarding live streaming. A minimum of not in the way we’re likely to be talking about it. You’re planning to see a much more of it in 2018, and also the individuals who do it well will be fully using the times as well as accelerating. Its prevalence raises since it works.

But there’s something at the office here.

It’s actually regarding technology. We obtain better phones each year. Does which means that we’re running exactly the same apps better? Sometimes. But when the technological baseline from the average user has clearly moved up a notch, it might be about making more robust apps which do more and fully make the most of that brand new technology.

The smart phones nowadays can be better than what we used to have through orders of magnitude. In addition, our data speeds are more effective, and therefore are poised to make one more insane leap within the next few years any time 5G becomes the standard.

Live streaming is really a medium or even implementation of social technology that’s distinctively placed to benefit from hardware improvements for the following several years. The resolution of the image the size of a phone screen is only able to get so good before you decide to have to zoom in to find out a difference.

But much better video processing across the board indicates all devices involved are prepared for more streaming in a higher quality across more channels simultaneously. This is such a huge change that it’s perhaps unclear which anyone is even able to fully comprehend the ramifications.

9) Snapchat Stories

But don't write off Snapchat at this time. I believe we'll see Snapchat open up a lot more for employer brand and individual branding. I predict Snapchat will expose an incentivized feature for vloggers as well as content creators much like what we should see over on YouTube. Plus, Snapchat has just introduced Lens Studio, making it simpler for creatives to build their own lenses from scratch. Offered to download globally, developers as well as advertisers and also keen amateurs should be able to create their very own augmented reality lenses. An initial see this suggests it is a powerful application, with templates as well as guidance notes and the capability to create tasks and save.

Also really worth mentioning is chatbots, direct messaging as well as AR. We're engaging along with chatbots for news as well as weather reports, booking event tickets and also sorting out our agendas. We're only just starting to warm up to them, and there is lots of space for growth. We'll also see direct messaging utilized more for marketing strategies, with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp the dominating platforms. AR has recently started to show its possibility to bring together the physical and also the digital world when it comes to retail and services, which is likely to spill over into other parts of digital.

10) Twitter will Change

Also, it probably doesn’t know why.

For most businesses, it could be easier to invest added time and money in ever more popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram the coming year.

Twitter has been struggling during the past few years (actually, we made a fairly considerable #Twexit this past year), also it needs to make some big alterations in order to stay related in 2018.

It was the slowest expanding major social media platform in 2017, regardless of the viral coverage of President Trump’s statements around the platform. Many users are leaving Twitter because of unfair code of conduct enforced according to the President.

With this thought, expect these to hit the drawing board in 2017 with almost any attempts to switch things up. They have improved their character limit to 280 characters and also experts predict they'll soon fully launch their own subscription model for marketers, amongst other things. The bottom line is: remain on the lookout. They aren’t done yet.

11) Social Platforms View Much more Hardcore Moderation

Recent times or so has forced the hand of countless tech and social media titans to intervene as well as play a far more active role in content moderation. These maneuvers, in retrospect, felt a lot more like damage control than any kind of final solution.

We’re likely planning to observe companies revisit this in a more significant or even longer-lasting way, and certainly much more proactive compared to reactive.

As leveraging social media retailers for marketing very first took flight, some were doubtful of their staying power. Recent years since have altered skeptics into believers and what’s around the forefront will clearly and simply amplify the channels’ relevance even more.

12) Stricter Conduct Guidelines

Across the same lines as Twitter’s code of conduct concern, many platforms are rethinking the way they control their users.

After a series of dubious issues throughout the 2016 presidential election, social media programs have embraced a far more involved approach.

Facebook, for example, recently turned over a lot of ads that are linked to Russian hacking, and has committed to new AI and human sorts of monitoring.

Within the wake of countless graphic live streams, several leading to death, Facebook also needed to hire more staff only for content monitoring.

At this time, it seems a lot more like damage control than the usual proactive solution, but we predict platforms to employ more preventative as well as long-lasting measures in terms of content monitoring.

As a marketer, you should know and understand the following tips to make sure you don’t get penalized.


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