February 21 , 2020

9 Best free Keyword Research Tools in 2020

Keyword Research Tools

Want to grow your website traffic but don’t want a paid keyword tool? Here are ten free keyword research tools that can work like a pro. Here you can find tons of SEO keywords that will help to boost the traffic generation on your website.

The Most Important Tool Is - Google Keyword Planner

It is the most powerful keyword research tool ever. Only you need to put one word and the auto-complete feature will automatically help you to find the suitable keywords as well as helps to provide the names of the articles!

Google Trends - is the second one

Through google trends, people get to know the popularity of keywords according to the time. Like, if you search the word ‘costume’, then you can see in the last five years, the search will pick up the month of October, every year. Because its Halloween, and costumes are getting popular at that time.

The third Free keyword Research Tool Could Be - Keyword Sheeter

This tool pulls loads of auto-complete suggestions from the famous search engine called Google. Here you need to put one simple word like- ‘Apple’, and you will automatically get a huge list of popular keywords related to ‘Apple’ and that’s how you will get the best keywords, and also the ideas of your next keywords too.

The Amazing Fourth tool - Answer The Public

This is an amazing tool that provides you not only keywords but the idea of your article names with it! Here you will get tons of suggestions that come with the keywords and 5 Ws with it. It’s amazing to see how one simple word can raise so many questions and keyword suggestions!

Keyword Surfer - The Fifth Tool

This tool helps to count the word how many times it appears in search engines globally! It is beneficial for those who are working on the international platform and global market. Right now it shows search volume in near about 19 countries.

Keyworddit - Sixth tool in the row

If you are searching on Reddit then this is for you. This tool pulls the keywords from Reddit and showcases up to 500 keywords. This is an awesome tool for beginners who do not know much about the niche.

The seventh Tool Is - Keywordtool.io

It works quite alike Keyword Sheeter, but there are some differences. It may not pull many keywords as keyword Sheeter, but it pulls the keywords faster. It also helps to find the keywords in a definite language. And another benefit is: it not only pulls the keywords from Google but also websites like eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Bing and many more.

Google Search Console - The eight Tool

Google Search Console helps to show you the data you are working on and are already appearing in searches. It helps to let you know which keywords are working well for traffic generation on your websites, so you can frequently use them to get more.

Bulk Keyword Generator - The nine tool

This is an amazing keyword search tool for Local SEO. It helps to generate keywords based on market and industry types. It also helps to locate which industry keywords are suggestive for which area.

These are 9 best free keyword research tools you can currently find in the SEO marketplace.

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