November 3 , 2018

Unusual Digital Marketing Techniques for your Business

Digital Marketing Techniques

Everybody knows that powerful marketing requires a certain level of innovation as well as creativity. In the end, attracting prospective customers is an always-changing process. And while you may think the standard digital marketing techniques will work, be unique is an excellent way to build your brand recognized in the world surrounding you.

If you’re not actively promoting your business online in 2018, then you’re leaving cash on the table.

But here’s the issue: online marketing can seem to be quite daunting and complicated. This could deter even the most focused of business owners from ever implementing a web-based marketing plan.

That’s why the goal of this post is to analyze internet marketing into its easiest method. Then simplify those techniques for the business owner or a marketer who hasn’t wrapped their head around them yet.

I simply tried to include “unusual” tactics which mean you don’t waste your time and effort learning about little hacks which will quickly die off.

Let’s begin!

All of us knows you will find the three pillars for digital marketing success. 1) Content Marketing 2) Link Building and 3) Social Media Marketing. Today we provide some unusual digital marketing techniques to get more exposure, more customer and more business.

We divide this content into three parts.

The First Part is Unusual Content Marketing techniques.

Ten years ago, only a number of us had even heard about content marketing. These days, your brand is paying for original articles, social media, blogs, eBooks and much more. It goes without stating that the broader you’re capable of cast your net, the higher your results will be. You have to consistently develop more content marketing tips to publish much more engaging content.

There are lots of tried-and-true content marketing methods. The business owner knows, they are able to depend on specific tactics to boost their online presence and develop their brands organically online. That said, many non-traditional approaches also yield quite good results.

We already published effective content marketing strategies. Today we share some unusual content marketing strategies and how they can help you with marketing your business.


Among the fastest and most-effective methods to drastically boost the reach of the next blog article is by using co-creation, a content marketing tactic in which you collaborate with experts as well as compile their ideas. Posts

The one thing a lot better than list posts are posts made in real-time, utilizing a collaborative process. You can convert your blog into an interactive discussion or a strategy session using this excellent tool.

Client Interviews

Presenting your client’s stories in content is a double-whammy - both you and your audience take advantage of the social evidence of their story, while your customer can enjoy the exposure.

Brand Stories

The concept of the narrative is a lot older than content marketing, and there’s a good chance it’s going to last much longer. If you’re looking for some inspiration regarding how to share your history, take a look at Aston Martin’s drool-worthy success within this arena.

Thought Leader Interviews

What can you ask if you have a couple of minutes with anyone who is famous in your niche? There’s a good possibility your audience has to think about the same things you have.

Survey Results

Original research and studies might not be the easiest method of content marketing, but they’re an effective way to create your thought leadership, improve links to your website, and gain lots of exposure when you publish the results.

Long-Form Articles

Search engines love in-depth articles, and that's why content that’s 2,000 words or more in length will rank higher in the search. Target a mix of feasts, snacks, and meals together with your content marketing.

Company Podium

What does your brand value? So why do the workers love coming each morning? These factors which make you unique also allow you to far more likable, and that's why they’re worth sharing with all the world.


Everybody loves an infographic - it is useful, unique, and it has something entirely new to bring towards the table. Curate away, or make your own with a website such as Piktochart.

PowerPoint Templates

Everyone can use unique, visually-appealing and lovely PowerPoint template in their lives. Sharing your designers’ work always can be a highly effective lead generation tactic.

Product Comparison Guides

It won’t take very long to compile a chart that objectively compares your product or even services to other people within your industry, but you’ll make sure to win the hearts of prospects to make their life easier.

These unusual content marketing techniques are powerful but should not replace your other content marketing strategies.

The Second Part is Unusual Link Building Techniques

Backlinks still play an important role in Google’s search engine ranking positions. It’s hard for a specific website page to rank without contextually relevant backlinks pointing towards the page or even the domain.

Link building is a valuable part of improving your blog SEO. There’s no arguing the potency of guest posting, press releases, social media, and other link building techniques. However, if you want Google to sit up and take notice and provide your website the credit that it deserves, here are four link building techniques you need to use right now.


We already published the content with effective link building techniques. Today, we share some powerful unusual link building techniques. Take a look at this.

Well-Researched Content

To be able to improve your SEO, you need to grab your hands on your audience’s attention by providing them relevant as well as informative data. Nobody wants to see half-truths or get misinformed. A few of the readers you target, based on your niche, know a lot regarding the subject matter and therefore are only seeking to complement these details. The content should be amazing as well as mind-blowing. The presentation can also be crucial. Make sure that your content is accurately punctuated and adhere to the rules of language. It doesn't matter how great your info is if it's not readable.

Use Q&A Websites for Link Building

Check the top questions on Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers to get questions that you could answer better. Write a blog post about the subject and create a short summary for your thorough answer. This summary is something that you’ll post towards the Q&A site as a result of the question. You’ll also need to add a link to the blog post using a more in-depth response.

Discovering Favorable Websites for Backlinking

When searching for a website to play in your backlinking strategy and improve your SEO, you need to do some study. What you look for is an authoritative website that has content which is highly relevant to your infographic. The very first websites to think about are those which have already published info and content that you've as part of your infographic. This provides them something to link to for any compressed form of the things they might currently have. It is relatively simple. All you need to do is Google whatever keyword you are attempting to optimize and look with the results.

Use eBooks

There are more ways besides the mighty Google to arrive at an audience. What to do if your selection of keywords is very competitive? Have you researched your competition for all those words in the ebook industry? Marketplaces like Amazon get their share of traffic, and you may take advantage of it to achieve your audience.

Interview an Influencer

You may not be capable of the interview "Bruce Wills" or the President of the USA, but don’t think you will get an interview with someone popular, you’re selling yourself short. Major twitter users, book authors, as well as bloggers love showing nearly as much as you do. Provide to interview them and lots of them will react positively.

Most of them will think your blog is not for them, quite a few they won't. These influencers are just promoting themselves through linking to the interview later, so it’s quite simple to pull this off if you are aware of how to ask.

Posting an Infographic

The design of the infographic needs to be impeccable, however, it need not cost an arm and a leg. You don't even require a huge marketing budget to obtain a good design. You may use as low as $250 on the design to improve your rankings. Aside from the design, your content needs to be fresh and relevant. A great way to achieve this is to have an infographic on the new social platform which has recently blown up. This is the tested tactic. It brings with it an intense wave of backlinks, shares on social media along with referral traffic.

Hire A Professional Blogger

Getting a recognized and visible blogger to create a post for you isn't as difficult as you think. Your investment might reap results which will work for a lifetime. Ideally, you need to approach somebody who’s visible within your niche and make the offer. Most bloggers love to connect to content which they’ve written online. Whenever you hired blogger links back to his post with your site, you’ll not just get a high-quality link, but additionally, take advantage of additional traffic coming to the right path. Do this monthly and you’ll have a strong backlink profile built from the websites of the industry’s key influencers.

These unusual link building techniques are powerful but shouldn't replace other link building tactics.

The third Option is Unusual Social Media Marketing Techniques

Powerful social-media marketing helps build effective businesses. Research conducted recently by Shareaholic (, which monitored 300,000 websites over 4 months, suggested which social-media referrals now result in 30 % of websites’ overall traffic.

In case your business website falls below this benchmark, you might want to consider if your social-media technique is working. However, if your website receives more visits through social media than that rate, you might still need to know what more could you do.

We already share some best social media marketing techniques, today we share some unusual social media marketing techniques for your business.

Initially, we want to share some new social media sites which you would like to participate.

  • Pheed
  • Medium
  • Chirp
  • Ning
  • Xing
  • WeChat
  • Kik

Unusual Facebook Marketing Tips

Perhaps you've used Facebook for business along with limited success?

Facebook pages offer limited opportunity if you aren't willing to “pay to play”, that leaves the door wide open to take another approach together with your Facebook marketing using your personal profile.

Improve your business page

While you create your base of personal Facebook friends, you’ll be capable of inviting those friends to “like” your business page. This is particularly essential if you’re advertising on Facebook, simply because you’ll be able to create campaigns aimed at individuals who like your page.

Include interaction and community to the training programs

In case you provide training programs online, you should use closed Facebook groups to make a sense of community amongst your course participants, offer support, as well as share new resources.

Close interaction is among the most effective ways to build trust and increase client satisfaction. If you are considering upselling your high-end coaching and consulting programs for your course participants, delivering support and cost of those participants via your Facebook group can make your work much simpler.

The strength of your closed Facebook group doesn’t end there. You are able to gather feedback on beta versions of the courses, so your final edition is geared for achievement.

Connect with prospective clients

With billions of groups on Facebook, you’ll manage to find and join networking groups filled up with your ideal clients.

To get the best groups for you, only enter keywords in the Facebook search box and then click the “Groups” tab. Here’s a picture of the results I got after I entered the search phrases “Social Media Marketing.

Talk with influencers

Probably the most efficient ways to talk with influencers is to join their particular programs or purchase their products. Frequently, those programs and products consist of membership within a private Facebook group.

The link at a deeper level together with your clients and associates

Ultimately, we’re all humans who use our feelings and social ties to make investing decisions. Connecting with prospective clients and associates on Facebook enables you to show your human side, the unique you that may help you stay ahead of your competition.

Unusual Twitter Marketing Techniques

We’ve all go through those same old Twitter marketing strategies: use hashtags, talk to your followers, listen more than you talk, along with a host of others which are all too obvious after utilizing the service for more than a couple of days.

Businesses Have Less Than one hour to reply on Twitter

Go multimedia: Twitter has been working continuously to update their particular service. First came images in tweets, then video, and after this, finally, GIFs are on Twitter. The most crucial medium for software companies at this time might be these new GIFs, that you can quickly show, without the data issues of video, a new feature, a redesign, or the way you use an aspect of the software.

Use @reply very carefully: A Twitter design issue that you might not be conscious of which might be hurting your odds of getting all of your tweets out to your fans may be the @reply problem.

Locate and also work together with crowd influencers: You will find likely to be individuals who follow your company simply because they really love a specific piece of software, service, or feature of yours. There also will be on Twitter those people who are trusted voices within your industry.

Vary link locations:
It may seem that putting a link anywhere in a tweet is a great one, with the most common area being the end of the tweet. A report by Dan Zarrella used a heat map on tweets that had links in them. It discovered that the click-through rate for hyperlinks was higher on average, by a great deal, once the links were closer to the start.

Utilize Twitter’s List function: It appears that lots of people never exceed learning in which the “tweet” button is. Twitter’s List feature can assist you to locate influencers by finding individuals who retweet, favorite, and reply the most often. You’ll use a better understanding of who you should target.

Follow your competitors: You won't just as well as your competitors share fans, you’ll also share interests and passions. With your similarities, why wouldn’t you go through competition and find out what they’re up to?

YouTube Marketing tips

On the subject of marketing yourself on YouTube, there's only one golden rule you should know-and yet, it’s the most challenging one for everyone to complete.

Here are the YouTube Marketing Tips

Do Your Research

The most undervalued areas of content marketing are getting a strong grasp of the landscape. Before you begin publishing your own content, you need to take the time to go searching at who else is playing in your niche or market, and just what they're doing to succeed.

Create a list Of Content Buckets

Among the best ways to create efficiencies with your hour's spent marketing is to divide and conquer. YouTube marketing actually comes down to selecting a few key areas where you believe you are able to deliver true thought leadership, entertainment, or even some type of value, after which mass producing content which falls within these larger buckets.

Add Subtitles To the Videos

Among the newest (and finest!) tools which behemoths Facebook and YouTube have built-in to their video uploading capabilities will be the capability to add subtitles.

Now, it will not look like that big of the deal, but here’s why it’s essential to focus on: most people watch videos on their own phone, in public places, without the sound on. In case you can’t hear what's being said in the video, you’re about to skip it, right?

That’s why subtitles are extremely important. In terms of YouTube marketing, you would like as many people as possible to look at your content-and removing one of the greatest barriers of entry (sound) by giving the second choice is a big win.


Last but not least, probably the most efficient ways to get the content disseminated, shared, and eventually seen is by collaborating with others who've audiences as well.


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