December 15 , 2018

Link Building Guide for Local Business Website Promotion

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In my digital marketing career, I work with many clients all over the world. I learn one thing from there. Several local business owners don't know how to promote their business online. The same goes for link building as well. They don't know how to start link building which brings the best result for their website.

Link building always an essential factor for local search traffic. It needs effort, time to build quality links for local business website promotion. You will find many so-called "SEO Expert" that demand a lot of money for link building. But at the end of the day, they use some poor method to create seo backlinks which hearts your website. So you must be careful when you select a link builder. Only asked for help who is well experienced and well reputed in this field.

For this reason, here we share Seven tips on link building strategies for small business.

1. Keyword Research is the Key

Keyword research is for me like the duck who lay a golden egg every day. I use keyword research for various purposes, but for link building purpose, I use it to know the audience intention. What are they searching? So I can help them with this. It gives me the knowledge of what our audience try to solve, what answer they try to find.

I get the shareable content ideas from this and try to create engaging content which solves queries. As a result, I get the number of backlinks for the website which I promote.

2. Create relevant and High-Quality Content

It's the basic idea. If you want high quality and natural backlink for your local business website, then you need to write high-quality content. This the tested strategy for us and we use this for our clients to give the best results.

In our previous post, we share some tips on how to create content for your blog. You can take ideas from this. Always keep in mind that you are going to write for your audience. So write thoughtful, engaging, and educational content that solves the query of your readers. I can't tell you to create only a blog post or ebook. You can use other ideas like how-to guides, videos, infographics. Or you can create something interesting like the local event calendar which your readers enjoy.

Content creation is not an easy task. It needs lots of resources and efforts, but it's an effective way to get the natural SEO backlinks for your local business website promotion.

If you need more tips on how to create content, you can check the posts below.

3. Try Guest Post

Guest posting is still valuable when it writes on the proper way. In my previous post, I write on this topic. If you use guest posting only for link building purpose, then it does not give the real value. Try to write for the audience, not for links. Provide quality post on the relevant blog on your niche to get more exposure.

4. Use Local Business Directories and Review Sites

If you want to promote your local business online and get the top ranking for your selected keywords, then you need to create a business profile on local business directories and review sites. A recent study by Google says 97% of customer try to find the business in an online search. So why you did not use this opportunity.

Start with Google My Business page and create a profile on every local business directories by using your business address, email, name, phone number, photos, and every other detail. Use Angie's List, Yelp, and other directories to get a valuable SEO backlink.

For Local Business Directories, Checkout these lists

5. Focus on Your Local Community

Get a backlink from the event sponsorship page by sponsoring a local event in your area, not a bad idea. It's a powerful link building strategy for your local business. Most of the event organizers have a website, and if you sponsor them, you can get a high authority backlink for your local business website.

You can sponsor or host an event. And generate links by newsletter, PR, and social media promotion by creating content on this topic.

6. Work with Local Influencers

Hard work and dedication bring success and fortune. It also depends on the bonding with the right people and right connection.

Local influencers play a vital role in the online community. They can recommend your product or service through their large followers. Many people trust them and trust their suggestion over the advertising or sponsor posts. So you can get benefit through it.

Connect with the local influencer in your niche. Try to build the relationship with the influencers by creating a blog post or a do-follow backlink offer. In return get a high-authority backlink and boost your SERP.

7. Competetior Research

Competetior research is the well-established SEO practice. Check and collect the backlinks of your competition which helps them stay in the top position in SERP.

Try to create the link for you on those sites to get a solid ranking for your business. You can take help from the tools like Ahrefs, webmeup, SEO Spyglass to spy your competition's backlink.

In the last word, I must say to all local business owners that search engine update algorithm on a regular basis. For this reason, the SEO strategy for local businesses also changes. The link building strategy which provides the best result today that may be causing a ranking drop for your business in the future.

So you need to keep up-to-date with recent trends and changes to improve the local ranking for your business.

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