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Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is the most effectual current SEO tool that is useful for indexing your website. Professional social bookmarking service will make your unranked websites go into the top of Google search engine.  It is a federal online service that helps users to add, amend, gloss and share bookmarks of web documents. This approach will not just increase your website position on Google and other search engines but will also increase social signals thus making your content easier to share.  Hence opt for our service to increase your SERP ranks and earn huge ROI.

Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking ServiceIf you are looking to promote your website through effective search engine optimization, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social bookmarking services. In today’s Web 2.0 world, where social networking sites, blogs and content-centric sites such as Digg are shaping the Internet, the presence of a website on a social bookmarking site is an absolute plus.

Manual social bookmarking on relevant sites is indeed a sure way of driving increased traffic to your website. The use of social bookmarking service becomes even more critical in the face of Google and other popular search engines becoming more focused on content. The submission of links to social bookmarking sites such as Google Bookmarks, Digg, Blinklist, among others is our speciality and we ensure that we first index each site for the specified target audience, picking sites only with the right page rank and pedigree.

Additionally, we use our understanding of the context-sensitive search algorithms to make certain that the submission to social bookmarking sites is planned and meticulous, and not merely a matter of chance. Whenever we make a submission to a social bookmarking site, we examine all content and then select the most suitable site for submission. Our endeavour is always to guarantee the highest traffic to your website and we use social bookmarking in a methodical and scientific manner.

Key Features
All Social Bookmarking is done manually by trained staff members.
We allow our users to give three unique titles and tags for 75 social bookmarking service.
We submit your site to directories with high PR rank. To view a full list of these directories, Click here
We give full report on submissions. Click to see a sample report.
All of your queries will be answered within 24 hours.
Sl. No. Package Name Total
No. of
Price Order
1 SCAS75 75 5 1 $12.00

Social bookmarking helps the internet users to store and to search for the bookmarks of the resources that are present online. In the bookmarks you can give a brief description of the resources in the forms of titles and meta tags, so that when the users are searching for it, they can easily get it. Also the users can save the links of the web sites they want to visit in the social bookmarking system. You can either save the bookmarks privately or can share it with your friends and groups of people. The social bookmarking services are therefore gaining more and more popularity day by day. The other benefits that you can reap by using social bookmarking are:

  • You would get feedback about the site and its contents. Also you can know which contents are viewed and appreciated by people. Thus social bookmarking adds as a guide
  • It saves the time and the money since you can easily organize the websites and the web pages that you visit frequently and can access them just with a click
  • Social bookmarking is compatible with all the search engines and is a good SEO tool. If you have a website which you want to popularize take the help of social bookmarking services.

If you want to avail the social bookmarking services then we can offer you a good proposal for it. Our team will do the social bookmarking of your site to 75 top ranking media sites within 5 working days. Some examples are delicious, digg and propeller. To make your site look unique we use different tags, five different titles and various descriptions. Also we would send you a report mentioning the accounts created in the sites and the bookmarking URLs.


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